Specialist in spiral cardboard tubes since 1971, ALLPACK TUPACK is based a few kilometers south of Paris in the town of Boissy-Le- Cutté (91) . It is one of the entities of TUPACK GROUPE, with EM2 (based in Nantes) and NEUVISTAC (based in Lyon).

Allpack Headquarters - Manufacturer of cardboard tubes
Cardboard tubes


Winding support, container, stiffening element

ALLPACK TUPACK is present in many fields of activity such as:

• The winding supportsupport for paper, wadding, plastic film, textiles, adhesive, etc.

Wedgingfor crystalware, glassware, washing machine, pallet stand, etc.

• he packaging for posters, posters, protection for transport and messaging (tubes and caps), packaging for alcohols and spirits (Canisters), etc.

POS(point-of-sale advertising) for sales promotion.


A responsible company for a better future

Made of recycled and recyclable cardboard, ALLPACK TUPACK tubes, 1 to 10 mm thick, help protect the environment. With our solid and economic processes, our cardboard tubes utilize precise and quality oriented materials that contribute to a sustainable economy.

ALLPACK TUPACK recycles all of its cardboard waste. Our tubes are made with recycled cardboard and are recyclable. We also use adhesives and inks that are respectful of the environment. We offer our customers solutions for the valuation of their products through appropriate recycling channels..

Manufacturer of cardboard tubes
Manufacture of cardboard tubes


Quality products on our DNA

Our proven system allows us to work with many large accounts according to ISO standards.

The consistency of our performance remains the top priority to always offer the best product, in accordance with the customer’s expectations.

ALLPACK TUPACK prides itself in being flexible and responsive. As such, our customers can benefit, if necessary, from the technical support of the research and development unitof TUPACK GROUPE.

ALLPACK TUPACK is dedicated to becoming your partner and helping you improve your overall performance.


Production of cardboard tubes
Allpack meeting
Canisters and cardboard cases


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