The power of packaging

Packaging: a key element of the logistics value chain

When discussing the logistics value chain, each step is essential to meet market requirements and the needs of the end customer, whether in terms of transport and logistics.

One of the steps in this sometimes overlooked value chain is packaging. The latter does not simply refer to a box, but to a complex and coordinated system allowing several functions to be fulfilled: contain, protect, ensure transport, etc.

These different functions of a packaging make it possible to guarantee the safety, profitability or even the efficiency of the transport of goods. In other words, a well thought out and quality packaging is an essential element to get a product from point A to point B, smoothly and without defect.

With the optimization of packaging, the advent of e-commerce and the resulting logistical upheaval, packaging logistics are becoming ever more complex and constantly evolving. For example, cardboard tubes can effectively replace wooden crates and corrugated cardboard boxes to wrap movie screens or gutters.

TUPACK GROUPE is a partner capable of meeting the needs of its customers by offering logistics optimization solutions.

The cardboard shipping tube, an essential

For more than 60 years, TUPACK GROUPE has offered a wide range of products to effectively protect their contents during transport.

The shipping tube is practical, strong and economical packaging. It can either be fitted with plastic stoppers (TB range) or cardboard stampings (100% cardboard assembly), or have its ends pinched, which is faster to use (TK range).

It is available in several diameters and lengths!

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