Plastic is not automatic

Single-use plastic

Single-use plastic, a scourge

For many years, plastic, and especially single-use plastic, has been very often criticized for its catastrophic impact on the environment. In order not to continue polluting our oceans and our soils, it is essential to find alternatives.

Among those possible, cardboard has undeniable qualities, in particular its ecological impact on the planet.

What alternatives?

Over the years, there have been many initiatives to find alternatives to single-use plastic: favor fabric bags, buy products in bulk, store in glass jars, replace the plastic water bottle with a gourd. ….

However, in many cases, the solution is right there, right in front of our eyes: the CARDBOARD. A renewable, recyclable and biodegradable material, but also strong and practical.

What are the advantages of cardboard packaging?


Cardboard only has advantages for the environment. First of all, it is recyclable, which makes it possible to reuse the same material to create new packaging. In addition, it is biodegradable and disintegrates much faster in nature: it takes 5 months for cardboard while it takes 1000 years for plastic!


Cardboard is a strong and resistant material, which can withstand loads of several tens of kilos. It is not for nothing that we use cardboard boxes when we move!


Cardboard exists in different forms (crate, tube, post-M …) and offers a multitude of uses (packaging, conditioning, storage …).

What about the cardboard tube?

The cardboard tube is environmentally friendly

It has a real advantage over plastic tubes in environmental matters. Recyclable and biodegradable, the cardboard tube is a much more virtuous solution.

The cardboard tube is strong

Very resistant, it effectively protects its contents. Whether it is to send posters, blinds, T-shirts or even neon lights, the cardboard tube provides optimal protection.

As a winding support, resistant to vertical compression, it is ideal for winding and unwinding various materials (wrapping paper, cotton wool, textile and carpet, adhesive and label, plastic and stretch film, etc.).

The cardboard tube is versatile

In addition to the mandrels as a winding support and the shipping tubes mentioned above, the cardboard tube is also used in the form of rings for winding labels, wedging and protecting fragile items or as a pallet stud. cardboard.

It is also found in the form of POS masts (Point of Sale Advertising).

The cardboard tube has also made a name for itself in the world of packaging. Indeed, the canister reinforces the idea of ​​the exceptional product by making it possible to enhance the product it contains (Alcohol & Spirits, perfumes, toys, t-shirts, etc.).

In conclusion

Plastic remains essential for the time being because some of its qualities, particularly technical, are difficult to replace.

Nevertheless, manufacturers compete in ingenuity and creativity to find solutions that adapt to the cardboard tube and overcome its weaknesses, such as its resistance to water, by adding a second material to the cardboard to make it hydrophobic.

Until plastic can be completely replaced, cardboard should be preferred whenever possible.

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